About  Me: Qualifications and Training

I am a psychotherapist and group analyst and I currently work in the NHS and private practice.

I hold a Diploma in Group Work Practice from the Institute of Group Analysis (IGA) and have completed the IGA's Qualifying Course and have taken up full membership of the IGA.

My training has been fully accredited by the UKCP and as a registered member  I follow the UKCP's Ethical Practice and Codes of Professional Conduct as well as the IGA's Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct


My five-year training in psychotherapy primarily concentrated on psychoanalytic and group analytic theories with the core modules of: 

Relational theories (how we internalise our earliest relationships); Attachment Theory (how we bond with our caregivers and significant others), Diversity (race, age, religion, culture, class and sexuality); and Sociogenesis ( the development of individual and the development of the group and their relationship).

Roddy McDowall

Counselling & Psychotherapy